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Massachusetts prosecutes crimes aggressively with no exception. Several of the finest law schools in the country are in Massachusetts and thus it is no surprise that the prosecutors' offices are filled with well-trained and experienced lawyers. However, KJC Law Firm criminal defense attorneys have a proven track record of winning cases that seem unwinnable and, when appropriate, helping our clients obtain the treatment or counseling they need to stay out of trouble.

Some of our clients are people who have made a bad decision, some of them have simply been caught up in a criminal investigation when they did nothing wrong, and some of our clients have been in trouble many times before. No matter what your circumstances are, our Worcester and Boston criminal defense attorneys can help you obtain the best possible outcome for yourself or your loved one.

At KJC Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys in Worcester and Boston are trained, skillful trial attorneys, researchers, investigators, and legal writers. When you are accused of a crime in Massachusetts there will be a team of police, prosecutors, and advocates working to convict you. Shouldn’t you have a team working for you?

The KJC Law Firm team includes:

Timothy Wilton. Trained at Harvard Law School, Professor Wilton has been a lawyer for more than 40 years and a tenured law professor at Suffolk University Law School for 30 years. Professor Wilton trains law student to be trial lawyers, and his former students include many prominent criminal defense and civil trial lawyers. Professor Wilton also teaches Constitutional Law, an area of law that is critical to the defense of criminal cases.

John Martin. Named as one of the Top 10 criminal defense lawyers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2014, John received great notoriety when he argued successfully for the dismissal of claims against the first individual whose drug test was found to have been falsified by Annie Dookhan in the Massachusetts Drug lab scandal. Thereafter, John successfully convinced courts across the Commonwealth to release prisoners who had been convicted based on similar false drug tests.

We have devoted several pages on this website to educating our clients about the law and how we can help you with your particular situation. In Massachusetts the consequences for being convicted of a crime or pleading guilty to a crime are very serious and can ruin lives. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved one. Please take a few minutes to review these pages and learn more about your situation. You will learn more about the charges against you, the penalties you may be facing, and how we go about winning cases like yours.

The criminal defense lawyers at KJC Law Firm in Worcester and Boston have more than 60 years of experience litigating major cases. We have the resources to investigate your claim, hire the necessary experts, and get you the justice that you deserve. KJC Law Firm represents people accused of crimes from communities all across Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston area, Cambridge, MetroWest, Cape Cod, Fall River, Lowell, Worcester and Springfield. Contact us today to set up a consultation.