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Boston Personal Injury Lawyers

Massachusetts Trial Lawyers

At KJC Law Firm, we are trial lawyers. Every one of our attorneys has been selected for their extensive experience trying cases and for their record of success in the courtroom. Founder and lead trial attorney Kathy Jo Cook is a well-known and highly regarded trial lawyer with 24 years of experience who has been elected by her peers to be the President of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys. The firm’s consultant, Professor Timothy Wilton, is a trial lawyer and teacher with 48 years of experience and serves as the Director of the Trial and Appellate Advocacy Concentration at Suffolk University Law School, the law school that produces more Massachusetts judges and trial lawyers than any other.

Because we are so good at trials, we can negotiate high value pre-trial settlements, if that is what the client needs. Let us show you what we can do with your case.

Whether you have been injured, cheated, discriminated against at work or charged with a crime, the trial lawyers at KJC Law Firm are here to help you. As Boston personal injury attorneys, we represent people who have been injured by someone’s negligence, by a defective product, or by the substandard performance of a doctor, lawyer or other professional. We represent people who have lost money and suffered because of discrimination in employment or through unfair business dealing. We represent people who have been charged with a crime. We are used to going up against big business, insurance companies or the government, and our attorneys have the talent and the resources to do it. And to beat them.

As the first person in her family to even go to college, Kathy Jo Cook understands real life and real people. She worked her way through college and law school as a single mom with four kids. She knows all too well how scary it can be when the odds are stacked against you. She beat those odds and has dedicated her life to helping others do so as well. She started KJC Law Firm to provide the highest quality of legal representation to ordinary people who were fighting against well-financed, powerful interests. We can even up the odds for you; in fact, we think we can give you the advantage.

We are courtroom lawyers and excel at trials and appeals, but we know our way around boardrooms and backrooms where we can negotiate the best deals for our clients. We will make sure that your legal rights are protected and that you get every bit of compensation you are entitled to. Based in Boston and Worcester, the KJC Law Firm personal injury lawyers practice in every court in Massachusetts and represent people throughout the state. We will meet you at your home or in your office if necessary, and there is no charge for that first meeting. Talk to us. We have what it takes to stand up to powerful opposition, and we would welcome the opportunity to do it for you. For a free consultation regarding your personal injury, legal malpractice, or medical malpractice case, contact us online or call us at 617.720.8447. You’ll be glad you did.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Most of the firm’s work is in helping clients with substantial personal injuries or helping the family of someone who has died. Many of these clients have had Auto Accidents, where the medical bills have to be over $2,000 before you can go to court. Often, as Boston personal injury lawyers, we represent clients with Work Injuries. You generally can’t sue your employer, but injuries at work are frequently caused by a machine or some other company’s workers. We have represented clients who have tripped and fallen in parking lots or stores or had part of a building fall on them when they were walking down the street. We are experienced in Liquor/Dram Shop Liability, where our lawyers will hold a bar or liquor store liable for the personal injuries and property damage done by a drunk driver. Some of our biggest verdicts have come in cases where our client was injured by a product that was defective either in the way it was manufactured or the way it was designed. Products Liability law says that manufacturers have the duty to design their products to protect users even when they are using the product wrong – to make the products foolproof. Some of our clients were injured because someone else didn’t keep up their property, left some dangerous condition unrepaired, or just didn’t inspect their property carefully enough to find the danger. Premises Liability law says a landowner has to keep his property safe for anyone lawfully upon it. We have helped clients who were robbed or physically attacked in their homes or on some business’s premises. In those cases, the perpetrator hardly ever has insurance or the funds to pay a judgment, so our personal injury lawyers will hold the landlord or store owner responsible. Negligent Security law requires landlords and store owners to do what they reasonably can to make sure their tenants and customers are not the victims of crime.

Professional Negligence

Another area where the KJC Law firm is particularly knowledgeable is dealing with the negligence of a professional, usually a doctor or a lawyer. Even good lawyers make mistakes, commit Legal Malpractice, and when that happens, clients can be injured by the loss of money or by the loss of whatever case the lawyer was handling. Often that means we have to prove two cases, the negligence case against the lawyer, and that you would have won the first case if the lawyer was not negligent. Doctors and hospitals also make medical errors every day, commit Medical Malpractice, sometimes causing their patients to get sicker or to die. If you are in the Boston area, and have suffered from the medical error of a doctor or hospital, it is crucial for you to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Most lawyers and all doctors carry insurance to cover such mistakes. It is not an insult to sue them; they expect to be sued. Nursing Home Negligence, whether through carelessness or simple neglect, can injure patients who are already medically compromised, and who often cannot communicate what happened to them. Special standards apply to professionals, and proving the case against them involves expert witnesses in the professional field. A law firm has to have the experience and the resources to handle these kinds of cases. KJC Law Firm does.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

There is a whole chapter of the Massachusetts General Laws devoted to detailing Bad Faith Insurance Practices and lawsuits to recover damages from insurance companies. Insurance companies have a legal duty to handle claims fairly, which they frequently violate. KJC Law Firm has had significant success with these kinds of cases, with multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. We have also been instrumental in breaking new legal ground in this area.

Business Litigation

While our focus is on serving individual people and their families against big business, insurance companies and the government, we also serve the litigation needs of small businesses. We are ourselves a small business, and understand that small businesses are made of people, people whose personal lives are intimately intertwined with their business. We are experienced at litigating and negotiating cases involving Breach of Contract, Business Dissolution, or Unfair or Deceptive Business Dealings.


Discrimination can be found in many areas of society, but it is most often litigated in the workplace. Massachusetts law provided employees with protection from workplace discrimination on the basis of a long list of characteristics that are irrelevant to your work performance but are often the reason for supervisors or other employees to discriminate. The most obvious one is Race Discrimination. But that is not the only way employers may illegally discriminate. Employers often push older workers out of their jobs to free up the higher salary for a new cheaper replacement. That is Age Discrimination. They may foster a culture of male domination, relegating the women workers to lesser jobs. That is Gender Discrimination. Workers who develop debilitating medical conditions may be denied reasonable accommodations so they can keep their job. That is Disability Discrimination. A woman may be treated differently on the job because she is pregnant or may find her job taken over by somebody else when she returns from maternity leave. That is Maternity Discrimination. Someone may be assigned certain jobs, or not given others, because they are gay or lesbian. That is Sexual Preference Discrimination. Supervisors or co-workers may act sexually offensive in the workplace or even sexually assault an employee. That is Sexual Harassment. Often an employee complains about one of these things and is ignored, or worse, transferred, demoted, or otherwise punished. That is Retaliation. We have litigated hundreds of employment discrimination cases and know how to do it. Even if there is no discrimination involved, a client may have been fired in breach of a formal or implied contract, or for whistleblowing and we can file a Wrongful Termination case.

Criminal Defense

At KJC Law Firm, we represent people against big corporate interests, insurance companies, and the government. Being charged with a crime can be as much a disaster to your life as suffering a major injury and it puts you up against the most powerful force in our lives, the government. We can even up the odds. We have extensive experience helping our clients who have had the misfortune to be charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI). We have represented people in relation to Restraining Orders and Harassment Orders, both obtaining them against others, and defending clients charged with violating them. We have successfully defended clients charged with Drug Crimes, Firearms and Weapons Violations, Motor Vehicle Homicide, and Probation Violations. We practice on both sides, civil and criminal: we are trial lawyers.

Client Reviews
We wanted to thank you again so much for all you did for us and your support throughout this ordeal. You did a great job for us and we truly appreciate it. We wish you well always. Dot and Alex
We are extremely happy that we chose Kathy Jo Cook as our attorney. She brings experience, knowledge and compassion into the complicated legal process. Day or night, Attorney Cook always had time to talk to us and answer any questions we had throughout. We highly recommend her. Christopher & Mary Casella
KJC Law firm handled my case and I was very pleased with the results. The Team there always returned my calls or emails quickly. They are very direct and upfront on how they feel the case will go and the best ways of handling it. I would definitely call them again should I need their assistance and will recommend them to others highly. J G.
Law firm represented myself and another individual in a work related age discrimination case and was successful in obtaining a settlement in our favor. Couldn't be happier with the results and the representation. Mike K.
I have worked with Kathy Jo Cook for over a decade. She has represented me in both personal and professional matters and has given 150% every time. Kathy Jo is hardworking and always has my best interests in mind. She is professional and reliable and has been accessible as needed, even after business hours. Kathy has expertise in many areas of law and is incredibly fair and ethical in her client work. We secured favorable outcomes every time that have enabled me to enjoy more happiness, health and success in my life. Mindy
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