What is Drug Trafficking?


The difference between “possession with intent to distribute” and “drug trafficking” is usually based on the amount of drugs in your possession. However, these charges can sometimes be based on months of law enforcement investigation that includes wiretap evidence, controlled buys, confidential informants, and “drug raids” conducted at residences and/or businesses. Drug Trafficking is an extremely serious charge. If convicted, it carries severe penalties.

These charges can often be fought through a motion to suppress evidence that was obtained in violation of the law or was based on statements you made during an unconstitutional interrogation. You need an attorney who understands your constitutional rights and can skillfully and zealously represent you before the court. At KJC Law Firm, our team is comprised of criminal defense lawyers, some of the best legal writers in Massachusetts, and a Constitutional Law Professor, Timothy Wilton, has been a lawyer since 1971 and a tenured law professor at Suffolk University Law School since 1986.

When there are insufficient grounds to get a case dismissed, it can still be won at trial. The Commonwealth must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a complicated investigation, there are often many mistakes that are made. The police may arrest everyone they possibly can in connection with the investigation and then blame the wrong person. This is especially true in cases involving the additional charge of conspiracy in which they do not even need to prove that you possessed any illegal drugs whatsoever. Detectives, lab analysts, and witnesses must be cross-examined by skilled and experienced trial attorneys.

Don’t let a Drug Trafficking charge in Massachusetts destroy your life or the life of someone you love. Call a KJC Law Firm Worcester of Boston attorney today.

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