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In the News

Kathy Jo Cook Named President of State Trial Lawyers Association

On July 2, 2019, Kathy Jo Cook was elected President of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA). This is the state-wide organization of lawyers who represent plaintiffs in injury and consumer cases. Through its legislative, court and community efforts, MATA works hard to protect the safety of families, to improve the quality of legal representation, to educate the public about consumer issues.

Attorney Duggan Secures Acquittal for Client

On November 16, 2017, in Suffolk County Superior Court, a jury of twelve returned a verdict of not guilty in favor of Attorney Benjamin Duggan’s client. Attorney Duggan’s client was charged with, among other things, illegally possessing a firearm and ammunition. Due to certain sentencing enhancements, Attorney Duggan’s client was facing a minimum mandatory state prison sentence of 15 years. Attorney Duggan’s client had been held pending trial for over a year. Following the jury’s verdict, he walked out the front door of the courthouse a free man.

Issues in the case included a motion to suppress certain items seized pursuant to a search warrant, the legal elements of actual and constructive possession, and various forensic testing including DNA and fingerprints. The jury’s verdict followed extensive testimony and evidence.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact the attorneys at the KJC Law Firm. Let our experience secure you the best possible results.

Superior Court Judge Rejects Doctor's Claim for Immunity From Medical Malpractice and Civil Rights Violations

Boston, MA—June 20, 2016, The KJC Law Firm is pleased to announce another stunning victory and land-mark decision! In the case of Justina Pelletier v. Alice Newton, M.D., et., al. a Suffolk County Superior Court Judge has rejected Dr. Newton's claim that she has immunity from civil prosecution for medical malpractice and civil rights violations as alleged by Justina Pelletier and her parents because she was a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse. Dr. Newton had reported that Justina may have been a victim of abuse in 2013, a claim that was never corroborated.

KJC Law Firm was able to convince the judge that the claims against Dr. Newton are not within the scope of immunity granted by the legislature to mandated reporters. This is a land-mark decision locally and nationally in the fight for parents' and children's rights.

This is just the first step in a long battle and Dr. Newton will have more opportunities in the future to ask the Court to dismiss the case.

The case will now proceed to a Medical Malpractice Tribunal in which KJC Law Firm will be required to prove to a specialized panel comprised of a lawyer, doctor, and judge that the case against Dr. Newton has merit.

You can read more about Justina Pelletier and her lawsuit.

Providence Jury Finds That City Failed to Protect Female Firefighter From Sexual Harassment

Boston, MA—April 19, 2016, A federal jury in Providence, RI returned a verdict against The City of Providence for failing to protect a lesbian firefighter from harassment and retaliation.

Lori Franchina, a Rescue Lieutenant, testified that she was exposed to profanity based on her gender and sexual orientation on a daily basis after a male firefighter was terminated for sexually harassing her. In a campaign of retaliation that lasted for over three years Lt. Franchina testified that male firefighters contaminated her food to make her ill, excluded her from group meals, and refused to follow her orders on emergency scenes, placing herself and the public at risk. Franchina was awarded a restraining order against a male firefighter by a Rhode Island Superior Court judge in 2009. That firefighter was never disciplined. In explosive testimony, the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer for the city testified that a Chief of the Department misled her to believe that disciplinary charges had been brought against her assailant and another male officer who was present and refused to intervene when, in fact, no charges were brought against either of the men. In another instance, a male firefighter intentionally snapped his prophylactic glove into her face causing blood and brain matter to enter her eyes, mouth, and nose. The city’s EEO officer testified that she has no support staff and is not provided with the resources needed to do her job to the best of her ability. A psychologist and psychiatrist testified that her “torture” at work caused her to develop PTSD.

The jury awarded Lt. Franchina $545,000.00 in front pay, $161,000.00 for emotional distress, and $100,000.00 in punitive damages.

Here are some links to news stories regarding Lori's case:

Justina Pelletier Press Conference, Massachusetts State House

Boston, MA-February 25, 2016. Lou, Linda, and Justina Pelletier, who are represented by KJC Law Firm, and who ignited national debate and a media firestorm when Justina was, at age fourteen, wrongfully taken from her family by Boston Children’s Hospital and officials from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have served a 35 page complaint on Boston Children’s Hospital.

The law suit alleges that Alice Newton, M.D., Jurriaan Peters, M.D. and Simona Bujourneau, M.D. committed medical malpractice and violated Justina’s and her parents’ civil rights when they sought to have her parents’ custody rights terminated after the parents refused to agree to Children’s Hospital’s radical ‘treatment plan’ for their child.

Here are some links to news stories regarding Justina’s case:

Judge Blasts Commonwealth and Denies Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Discovery About the Child Abuse at Bridgewater State University

Boston, MA-February 1, 2016. Following the arrest of Kyle Laughlin for rape of a child and indecent assault and battery and the arrest of Judith Ritacco for recklessly endangering a child, failing to report child abuse, and witness intimidation, many questions about what happened at the Bridgewater State College Children’s Learning Center remain unanswered.

KJC Law Firm, in conjunction with the Law Offices of Carmen Durso, filed a complaint in May 2015 on behalf of four parents whose children had been at the Bridgewater State University Children’s Center, to find out what information university administrators had about the abuse and when they had that information.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on behalf of Bridgewater State University, moved to dismiss the Complaint. Judge Dennis Curran denied the Commonwealth’s motion, writing:

  • Who speaks for the children in this case[?] Not the Attorney General's office, charged with protecting the public safety, not a few university administrators who seem to have forgotten the original purpose of an educational institution: to seek the Truth. Instead, we see only petty bureaucrats scurrying to protect themselves.
  • What has become of us, as a people[?]
  • Where have we gone so terribly wrong[?]
  • How have we allowed such cruelty, indifference and pettiness to rule us[?]
  • This case is about little children - at least one of whom was allegedly raped with violence by a state-employed caregiver.
  • The parents' request for relief must be granted; their complaint may be maintained; and discovery shall shed light on what has happened here. Sunshine is a powerful disinfectant.

At KJC Law Firm, we pride ourselves in representing ordinary people who need help against powerful institutions like big business, insurance companies and the government. We are pleased that we could show Judge Curran that the conduct of the University and the government in this case was unjust and reprehensible.

For media coverage regarding Judge Curran’s January 28, 2016 order, please click on the following links:

Suffolk County Jury Finds Billionaire Heir to S.C. Johnson Fortune Failed to Pay Wages

Boston, MA-November 19, 2015. A Suffolk Superior Court jury returned a verdict today against H. Fisk Johnson, III, who is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of S.C. Johnson & Son and Stephen Rose, who is the Managing Director of Johnson’s venture capital company for failing to pay wages to an employee

The jury found that for nearly three years, Johnson and Rose refused to pay wages to Andrew Segal, M.D. who was running a start-up research business that Johnson and Rose had funded. Dr. Segal was born with cerebral palsy but graduated from Harvard College and B.U. Medical School and completed a residency at Mass General Hospital and a fellowship at MIT. During his fellowship, he invented certain processes which showed promise in fighting cancer. In exchange for funding the start-up, Dr. Segal had relinquished the rights to the patents then pending as well as the right to future patents. After disagreements in the company, Rose filed for dissolution and a Johnson company purchased the patent and patents pending. Dr. Segal got nothing.

The jury awarded Dr. Segal $413,912.20 in salary and benefits. With interest and mandatory trebling under the Massachusetts Wage Act, the judgment will exceed $1.3 million. A trial on the issue of Johnson’s and Rose’s bad faith will determine whether an additional $868,000 is awarded.

Client Reviews
We wanted to thank you again so much for all you did for us and your support throughout this ordeal. You did a great job for us and we truly appreciate it. We wish you well always. Dot and Alex
We are extremely happy that we chose Kathy Jo Cook as our attorney. She brings experience, knowledge and compassion into the complicated legal process. Day or night, Attorney Cook always had time to talk to us and answer any questions we had throughout. We highly recommend her. Christopher & Mary Casella
KJC Law firm handled my case and I was very pleased with the results. The Team there always returned my calls or emails quickly. They are very direct and upfront on how they feel the case will go and the best ways of handling it. I would definitely call them again should I need their assistance and will recommend them to others highly. J G.
Law firm represented myself and another individual in a work related age discrimination case and was successful in obtaining a settlement in our favor. Couldn't be happier with the results and the representation. Mike K.
I have worked with Kathy Jo Cook for over a decade. She has represented me in both personal and professional matters and has given 150% every time. Kathy Jo is hardworking and always has my best interests in mind. She is professional and reliable and has been accessible as needed, even after business hours. Kathy has expertise in many areas of law and is incredibly fair and ethical in her client work. We secured favorable outcomes every time that have enabled me to enjoy more happiness, health and success in my life. Mindy