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If You’re David Fighting Goliath, You
Need to Understand How David Wins

You’re up against one of the biggest enemies you
could imagine—maybe a huge corporation,
insurance company, or even the government.

And you’re just one person. You feel like David
fighting Goliath.

But here’s the key: Even though David seems
smaller when fighting Goliath, David actually has
the upper hand.

That’s s because in war, archery beats infantry.
Goliath was a giant who thought his size would
overwhelm David, but David had a secret weapon. A
shepherd, he was trained to use slings to fire polished
stones at the heads of wolves that would attack the
flock. In the battle between David and Goliath, the
nimble shepherd actually had the upper hand—so
long as he recognized and understood his advantage.

The moral of the story is… even though your
enemy might seem big from a distance, they are
actually small if you have the right weapon.

And your right weapon is us.
At your side. At every turn:

Our Secret Weapon is Simple:
We Care About You

(And When We Care, the Jury Cares…)

When we present your case at trial, our job is
to convince six to twelve strangers on the
jury to care about you.

The reason we convince strangers on the jury to
care about you is that we care about you.

You’re not just a client to us. When you entrust us
at KJC Law Firm with making sure you receive
justice, support and care, you become like family to
us. We are there for you and we will fight for you
like family.

The KJC Law Firm team by your side.

Tell Us Your Story!

We’re here to listen to you, to help you
understand your situation.

In our call together, we’ll discuss your best next steps,
and how to preserve any evidence you may have.

You’ll come away with clarity and confidence to move
forward and get the justice and healing you need and

You can call us at 617-720-8447, or leave your
information below and we will contact you within 1
business day.


Kathy Jo Cook

Kathy Jo Cook is the managing member
of KJC Law Firm. She represents people
who have been injured and people and
businesses that have suffered an economic
loss. This includes individuals who have been
injured in a car crash, on a construction site,
or by a doctor, nurse or lawyer. This also
includes individuals and businesses which
have been harmed by another as a result of
unfair business practices or discrimination
in employment.


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