What is Possession with the Intent to Distribute?

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A charge of “Possession with Intent to Distribute” means that the Commonwealth claims that you had drugs and you planned to distribute them or sell them to other people. Prosecutors in Massachusetts typically work hard to get a conviction or plea and the stiffest penalty possible in in these cases.

It is surprisingly easy for police to wrongfully charge someone with possession with the intent to distribute because there are a number of scenarios that allow the police to claim that you planned to sell drugs. Things like, having a certain amount of a drug, putting the drug in more than one container or having drug paraphernalia, like a scale, may be enough for the police to convince a prosecutor to charge you with possession with the intent to distribute the drugs in your possession.

The reality is, however, that many people in one or more of these situations never intended to sell drugs to anyone. At KJC Law Firm, we often see people who are charged with these types of crimes just because they were in a car with another person who possessed a certain amount of drugs, had drugs stored in separate containers, or had some sort of paraphernalia. Prosecutors and police know this. They also know that charging you with a crime that has harsh penalties gives them leverage to force you to plead guilty.

An experienced and tenacious drug crime lawyer will often be able to help you overcome these very serious charges. For example, the case could be dismissed if the police did not have probable cause to search the area where the drugs or paraphernalia was found. In other cases, we can prove that the police have no evidence that you actually intended to possess or distribute the drugs. Facing these types of charges can be a scary experience and is not something that you should do without an attorney who is experienced in handling drug crimes. At the KJC Law Firm we have experienced criminal defense lawyers in Worcester and Boston who will do everything possible to defend you. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug crime in Massachusetts, call us today to schedule a consultation.