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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is fun, but it can be dangerous. Many people are injured or killed while riding their bicycles.

Here’s Some Things You Should Know About Bicycle Safety

Many bicycle accidents result in head injury. Without proper protection a bike crash or even a fall from a bike can cause traumatic brain damage or death. Approved helmets have been shown to reduce head injury by 85%. Many children and adults, however, do not wear them. Massachusetts law requires individuals who are 16 years old and under to wear a helmet. But all cyclists should wear them.

In Massachusetts, bicyclists are considered motor vehicle operators. They must ride in the same direction as traffic and must obey the same rules of the road as other vehicle operators. Bicyclists can increase their visibility to drivers by wearing fluorescent or brightly colored clothing during the day and reflective tape or markings on equipment and clothing at night. Use of a front light and red reflector or flashing rear light will also help to increase visibility.

Here’s Some Things You Should Know if You are Struck or Collide with a Truck or Car

Call the police and wait at the scene of the accident for them arrive. Even minor auto/bicycle collisions can produce serious injuries that may not become apparent until hours or days after the accident. Never assume that the accident is too minor to follow proper legal procedures and to call the police. In no case should you ever leave the scene of an accident until the police have arrived and dismissed you.

Never negotiate with the driver of the motor vehicle, and as a matter of fact, now would be a great time to exercise your right to remain silent. Never give a statement to the driver of the other vehicle or to the driver’s insurance company as they will try to trap you into making statements that they can later use against you. If the driver claims that the accident was your fault or that the accident should be ignored, do not engage. Just say that you are calling the police and do so. When the police arrive, make sure you have an opportunity to explain what happened.

Get the driver’s license and insurance information for the driver of the motor vehicle as well as any witnesses. It is especially important to get the phone number of eyewitnesses as you may have to call upon them for testimony.

Ask for an ambulance and go to the hospital if you think there is any chance that you have been injured. Sometimes the extent of injuries will not be known for days or even weeks. It is important, in the meantime, to be examined by a doctor.

If you have been in a bicycle crash involving a truck or car, or if a loved one has been killed in an automobile/bicycle crash, and you suspect negligence on the part of the motor vehicle driver, call KJC Law Firm for a free consultation.

If you are injured and unable to come to our office, we can come to see you and together we will determine whether you have a case. Our firm has more than 125 years of experience litigating major cases. We have the resources to investigate your claim, hire the necessary experts, and get you the compensation that you deserve. KJC Law Firm represents injured people from communities across Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston area, Cambridge, MetroWest, Worcester, Springfield, Cape Cod, Fall River and Lowell.

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