Medical Negligence / Nursing Home Negligence

Medical Negligence Not every bad medical outcome is due to the negligence of a health care provider. People sometimes die or are injured even when they receive good medical treatment. Each year, however, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or die as a result of medical errors. These errors can be the result of overwork, poor judgment, inexperience, lack of training, inadequate staffing or just plain carelessness. When these errors occur, they are often devastating and result in permanent and disabling injuries or death. Medical errors caused by the negligence of a medical provider may include:

  • improper management of labor or delivery or prenatal care
  • misdiagnosis or delay in the diagnosis of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer
  • failure to diagnose serious medical conditions, including heart attacks and strokes
  • giving patients too much medication or the wrong medication and
  • surgical and anesthesia errors

Finding out whether you or your loved one has been a victim of medical negligence is often a difficult task. Medical records are complicated, and medical providers don’t readily acknowledge their errors. You need experienced lawyers who understand the medicine and who have standing relationships with expert witness doctors they can work with to develop a case.

There are also some procedural hurdles and mechanisms unique to litigating a medical malpractice case. Special notices have to be given, and the case must be submitted to a Medical Malpractice Tribunal before it can proceed. Your lawyer needs to be familiar with these special rules or you may lose a meritorious case due to procedural errors.

Choosing a lawyer carefully is especially important in a medical malpractice case. The medical malpractice lawyers at KJC Law Firm have more than 90 years of experience litigating cases, including numerous large medical malpractice cases. We have the resources to investigate your claim, hire the necessary experts, and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Nursing Home Negligence Nursing homes are required to treat the elderly with the dignity and respect that they deserve. But often, they don’t. Elderly people, who are unable to protect themselves, sometimes find themselves the victims of abuse or neglect. This can have disastrous consequences.

AT KJC Law Firm we represent elders who are not treated properly, including:

  • elders who are given too much medication or the wrong medication
  • elders who are abused and neglected, including physical abuse, verbal abuse and sexual abuse
  • elders with serious medical conditions, such as sepsis, heart attack or stroke, that are not diagnosed
  • elders that are improperly supervised and wander off
  • elders with untreated bedsores or decubiti ulcers
  • elders who have fallen due to improper supervision and
  • elders who have been unsupervised and have choked

If an someone in your family has been injured by a medical provider or a nursing home, call the medical negligence/nursing home negligence lawyers at KJC Law Firm for a free consultation. We will tell you whether you have a case and help get compensation for your loved one’s injuries. KJC Law Firm represents injured people from communities all across Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston area, Cambridge, MetroWest, Cape Cod, Fall River, Lowell, Worcester and Springfield.